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How to Enjoy Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy, which has as many fans as it does those who do not like it. You are either in one camp or the other. It is hard to find someone who is undecided. Sushi is made from raw fish, which you will either enjoy or not stand.

If you listen to those who love sushi, they shall advise you on how you need to introduce your taste buds to this dish. Here is a brief on how you should go about it.

The first step if you find out where you can get sushi dishes in your town. A good sushi restaurant shall have a display of the fish. You need to make a point of visiting it to see what choices they have in store. The fish needs to be juicy and not different from what the chef shall prepare. It is important that the fish is fresh, and looking good. You should never dine where there is no fish display.

You also need to avoid any restaurant that advertises an all you can eat offer. You cannot tell what quality and freshens their fish has. When they prepare lots of fish in advance; it is hard to maintain their freshness. The best sushi tends to be expensive. But then you shall be assured of high quality.

You then need to see a systematic approach to the dining experience. If you are asked to order for everything at once, you need to be wary. Japanese cuisine demands that you order a few pieces at a time.
This is how you shall enjoy your meal, and move to the next phase properly. Any time you are asked to order at once, you can be sure they prepared large amounts of it in advance. The quality, therefore, shall be compromised.

You need to also pay attention to the rice used in the sushi dishes. It should ideally be short-grained rice mixed with sugar, rice vinegar, salt and water. This is how that rice will have a delicate flavor next to the fish. Flavorless rice is a sign of poor quality food.

They need to also have the traditional sushi and sashimi dishes in their menu, along with the modern dishes. In case there are no traditional sushi items in the menu, you can be sure the chef did not receive proper training. This means their dishes lack authenticity.

Make a point of ordering the chef’s special. You can ask the sushi chef to make something nice with what they have. You shall end up tasting dishes you otherwise may never have.

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